How to find Roommates for Colleges?

How to find Roommates for College

Moving out of your beloved home is never easy for anyone. Shifting to a new place with all new people around and a totally different atmosphere than the one at home brings a lot of emotions with it. Constant fear, Anxiety, lack of confidence are just a few examples of the mixed emotions that have no bound. The one thing that everyone is not very sure is the probability of returning back to your home. How to find roommates for colleges?

The number of challenges that you will face can never be counted on fingers, out of all these challenges the one that always scares is ‘What kind of roommate will I have?’. There are 2 options that you have with you while shifting to a college or university. Opting in for college hostels (college apartments) or to live off-campus. This option would be a lot pocket friendly, because of the expenses being shared. But how should you proceed on with finding one? Here are 10 best ways on how to find roommates for colleges.

Mutual Friends (Friends of Friends)

Lookout for your friends and try to get some insights. Maybe someone just like you has approached your mutual friend in search of a roommate, or maybe some of their friends has been approached by someone. Convey to your friend the habits that you have and the habits that you are looking for in a roommate.

Remember that a roommate does not necessarily have to be a good friend. Sometimes the best of the roommates that you have had might not share a very good friendship bond. Compatibility is one of the most important factor, and that’s all matters.

Websites to find Roommates.

Nowadays the first thing that you turn to look for any recommendations is ‘Google‘. Why not use it to our benefit?

Here is a list of websites might help you.

  • Craigslist – Free to use

  • RoomieMatch – Partially Paid

  • Diggz – Free to use

  • Roomster – Partially Paid

  • PadMapper – Free to use

  • Roomsurf

Check out Apps to find roommates for colleges.

Apps to find roommates for colleges.

During this era of always evolving technology, first thing that we jump to find anything are the mobile Apps.

Here is a list of apps for Android/iOS to download to find your perfect roommate.

If you’ve got any recommendations do let us know in the comment section.

Post a Facebook Status.

facebook status to search roommates online for colleges


Use the Social media to its fullest extent.

Post a Facebook status with your requirements and don’t forget to change the privacy to ‘Public’.

Make sure you do not forget to add Geo location to the post so that the people nearby can see your post and maybe someone is also looking out for you.

Facebook Groups

Yes, you heard it right.

Below is an example on how to search for a roommate for college on facebook.

facebook groups to find roommates for colleges

Just replace the city name with your city name and you are good to go.

Facebook groups extensively active and they are very fast to respond.

Student organization pages are one of the popular platforms to find roommates willing to share rent and utilities.

Post a Facebook Ad!

If you have some budget and would like to utilize it, you can put up a Facebook Ad.

Here is a quick link on How to post Facebook ad to find roommates for colleges.

Give it a try.

Off-Campus Housing Programs

A spare bedroom? Why not use it for studying peacefully? But what if I rent it out and pinch in some contribution to my rent. Now, that’s a good idea!

Well many off-campus apartment communities have programs and events to entertain such kind of tenants – specially on game day evenings. Attending such events can prove beneficial in such times.

Get in touch with the community managers and brokers they might have been approached by tenants who are willing to find a roommate.

Post a flyer in the campus!

flyers to find a roommate

Sounds old fashioned, right?

Posting a ad on notice board never runs out of fashion. Well everything is worth it if it saves the purpose. Keep this as an last options. Try all the things and if nothing works, print some flyers in a good catchy way and hang them around the campus at places where it’s visible to everyone.

Results show that the percentage of these working out is maximum of all the above methods.

Please make sure you to mention your habits and the same that you are expecting in return from the roommate.

Look for Dorms on Campus

Schools from different states have different rules, some schools have strict rules for first year students to stay on campus.Some schools limit new students to freshman dorms, while others don’t even give you the option to choose your own roommate.A lucky draw system that doesn’t draw in your favor ever. 😀

Living in a dorm is not always a good option but this is the last thing that you really want to choose. But it is really an awesome opportunity to make new friends and also meet your future roommates.

Don’t be shy to say hi!

Don't be shy to say hi

While going through the facebook groups or the roommate finding websites, you come accross someone who seems to be interesting and matching your region of interests,reach out! Don’t be shy to start a conversation.

Sending a message might look creepy or weird! if you are thinking along this perspective than let me assure you, everyone out there is in the same boat as you.

Just a matter of a conversation and you wont even remember how it all started. That’s the magic of friendship <3.



Precautions to take!

precautions to take while searching for roommates for colleges

Getting online and posting your personal information comes with a lot of risk.

Do take necessary and precautionary measures while posting your data online to find a roommate.

  • Make sure you don’t put you’re whole life story, people don’t need to know that .
  • Use same safety measures that you use on your social media accounts.
  • Try to find someone who is into academics more and not in unnecessary stuff (you know what I mean).
  • There’s nothing wrong in sharing your personal interests and hobbies.
  • You might figure out that you lack some social qualities that you need to work on, take that positively.

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