How do Portable Air Conditioners Drain Water?

How do Portable Air Conditioners Drain Water?

The basic working principle of Air conditioners is to cool a room and dehumidify the air during summers. The classic Air conditioner usually has an outlet fit to drain the excessive water. Portable Air conditioners are usually very popular because they do not need any installation. A portable AC unit can be used in a room with no window. The cooling process in these ventless AC removes water from the air. The question arises then how do Portable Air Conditioners Drain Water?

This results in condensation effect and hence water is removed and collected in all kinds of AC. There are various ways in which this collected water is treated in portable AC units.

Regular units would use the built-in water storage unit and then after a certain level it would drain out this extra water. The frequency of drainage can be as small as 21 hours or can be once a week, totally depending on the degree of humid air in the room. The water reservoir is automated to drain so as to avoid the excessive flow of water to the ground.

In the new age Portable Air conditioners this part of the process is handled very smartly. They have an inbuilt evaporative technology which after a certain level of accumulation, can vaporize this moisture through hot air discharge. Which results in very less amount of water or sometimes none at all to be drained.

Most of the Ventless AC Unit has some kind of evaporation mechanism installed to drain the excess moisture through the hose. But only an advanced level PAC can drain all the moisture collected efficiently.

Some low budge Portable air conditioners do not handle the drain with such smartness. There is a continuous drain of water which is finally collected using a drip pan. also, a gravity drain can also be employed by connecting a vent to the reservoir.

Draining it to a Sink/outside, If you are looking to drain the PAC into a sink. Unplug the unit and carry it carefully to the draining site to avoid any leakages. Keep an eye on the level indicator. Once the unit reaches the flat surface remove the drain cap and let the AC drain.

Condensate Pump:
The pump remains intact with the air conditioner and drains water without depending on any other factor. The pump has two hoses, out of which one is connected to AC while the other is connected to the pump and from the pump to open-end drain water. The condensation pump turns on automatically at a certain water level and switches off when the water runs out.

Hope this answers your question how do Portable Air Conditioners Drain Water?

how do portable air conditioners drain water

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